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'Tranquil Aura' by Richard Mayer :: Inspired Spaces

Tranquil Aura © Richard Mayer

Richard Mayer, CEO, Inspiration ~ Inspired SpacesBRINGING ONE AND ALL up-to-date with IS. In April 2016, the former incorporated company operated by Richard Mayer… Phoenix Studios Inc. …underwent an official name change to… IS Creative Inc., which is dba Inspired Spaces (IS).

To reflect this change, the branding on the IS web site is now current… the content on our site remains very much as it was with great new additions as a result of contributors who have seen value in engaging on ‘all things IS’. One contributor who is really pumped ~ Dennis Gamboa ~ his contributions are valued as his art enhances the overall presence of IS. Expect more high level content, designed to deliver inspiration!

Please return to the IS Blog when an official announcement is made with respect to a major development that is currently in the business planning phase. A line of inspirational  products will be introduced initially to the Vancouver, BC market, and will bear the hallmarks of IS. These products will be released under a unique, identifiable brand that is age-old, new-age.

Stay tuned for more when thIS happens!

Richard Mayer, AScT
CEO, Inspiration
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