My Guide Inside

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MY GUIDE INSIDE is a series of story-based lessons carefully chosen to teach students about their natural inner wisdom, or their ‘guide inside’. Based on Three Principles that are the foundation of human experience… Mind, Consciousness and Thought …as realized and articulated by Sydney Banks, this remarkable resource offers a hopeful, simple way for children, […]

A Tribute to Sydney Banks

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A TRIBUTE TO SYDNEY BANKS by George Pransky, co-founder of Pransky & Associates. The impact Sydney Banks had on George was profound, transforming his consulting business and taking it to a whole new level. George introduced this new way of understanding life to his clients, with the results being broad, deep and everlasting. The ‘ripple […]

Quantum Theory + Consciousness

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WAKING UP OR BECOMING AWARE OF THE ESSENCE of WHO we are as living beings is the broadest, deepest experience for humanity. For it is in ‘waking up’ that we begin living life as we were meant to at a higher level of consciousness. I had the very good fortune of being ‘woken up’ in […]

The ‘Light of Understanding’

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TAPPING INTO THE ‘ESSENCE OF LIFE‘ AT THE DEEPEST LEVEL allows us… as living spiritual beings …to experience life moment to moment. For it is being ‘in the moment’ that the elements… Mind, Consciousness and Thought …come alive. To quote a dear friend, this Essence is the ‘light of understanding’, which guides us as to […]