Classic Flies

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THE CLASSIC SIMPLICITY OF A SPEY FLY has both fish- and eye-appeal. The sweeping lines of a palmered spey hackle, make this fly what it is.  The natural tones of the body, red breast feather of the Golden Pheasant, and understated wing, et voila …beautiful! Tied by a classic fly master… Scott Norris …one of […]

More Boat Skins

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ONE PENDLETON RIVER DRIFT BOAT with a selection of ROSI ART boat skins… something to whet your appetite… to get you thinking “Which Rosi art is perfect for my boat?”. This post builds on the initial announcement that Rosi Oldenburg and Richard Mayer are exploring which of Rosi’s angling art images work best on different […]

Drift Boat Skins by ROFA

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IS A ROSI ART DRIFT BOAT SKIN something you’d like on your drift boat to personalize your boat? If it is, then look no further… Rosi Oldenburg would LOVE to work with you to make your drift boat a stunning vision in the water and off! Richard Mayer and Rosi Oldenburg  are exploring the possibilities […]

Paradise Lost Prototype

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THE LIMITED EDITION OF PARADISE LOST is now taking physical form as handcrafting the fine hardwood frame, detailing the lighting components and controls are underway. Consistent with the artistry of the coloured pencil original by Rosi Oldenburg, the frame, internal lighting and controls for the prototype will reflect her artistry, design and attention to detail […]

Paradise Lost Update

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THE ORIGINAL COLOURED PENCIL ART OF PARADISE LOST by Rosi Oldenburg is now matted and mounted in a handsome frame, ready to be transferred its rightful owner… Kevin Mayer. This gift from father-to-son is to preserve a much-cherished memory of five days spey fishing for wild steelhead on the Bulkley River in northern British Columbia. […]

3D Butterfly

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NO STRANGER TO CREATING ART, Rosi Oldenburg is a master in the medium of coloured pencil. She expresses her visions in many different forms… from simple abstracts to complex, highly-detailed photorealism. Her 3D rendition of a butterfly – shown above – is a classic example of her flair for design and love of colour. Not […]

Paradise Lost

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PARADISE LOST WAS TRANSFORMED from a cherished photo that captured a memorable father-son moment to a work of art by Rosi Oldenburg, a fine artist who excels in the coloured pencil medium. While progressives were published on Facebook as the art for ‘Paradise Lost’ took form, this encapsulates the mastery of an artist’s passion for […]

From the Beginning to End

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THE COLOURS OF A DOLLY VARDEN CHAR are so intense and beautiful they are simply not found in any set of coloured pencils. It creates a challenge and can only be accomplished through layering of many colors until the right colour or mixture appears on a paper. I LOVE how this one turned out! Thank […]


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I’M INSPIRED TO CREATE ART OF ALL KINDS OF FISH, in this instance a more exotic species… Peacock Bass …a very colourful version of its North American cousin, the Smallmouth Bass. The head shot (left) is an example of my most recent exotic, entitled… Peacock Bass AI …it’s creating a buzz on Facebook. I’m excited! […]