Bots, Zam + Zim

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A VERY CLOSE FRIEND OF THE IS CEO absolutely LOVES going on safari in Africa. This trip – his 18th – was something new, something different to his usual… it was a self-drive safari. The countries he would be exploring were places he had visited before, yet as he would discover at the end of […]

River Drifting

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MEET THE MAN BEHIND DRIFTING RIVERS in a McKenzie style drift boat, a handcrafted wooden boat that is legendary on the rivers of the Pacific Northwest. Greg Hatten, Owner at Wooden Boat Adventures, loves putting himself and his clients on the river. One of the best ways to discover the beauty of the Northwest is […]

The AK Experience

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ONE OF MY PASSIONS IN LIFE is designing and tying flies, something I love doing for myself and other fly fishers who pursue salmon, char, trout and grayling. Reflecting on life-changing float trips to explore rivers in Alaska, I’m finding I have another passion, perhaps the reason why I’m into designing and tying flies for […]