Fly Tying Launched!

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WHAT A PORTFOLIO THIS IS and will become over time… Fly Tying in Inspiration on IS! Inspired Spaces is pleased to launch the Fly Tying portfolio, featuring nine masters in the art of designing and/or tying flies. This page introduces professional tyers who are members on the Partridge PRO-Team and Lagartun PRO-Staff teams, and members on […]

Classic Flies

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THE CLASSIC SIMPLICITY OF A SPEY FLY has both fish- and eye-appeal. The sweeping lines of a palmered spey hackle, make this fly what it is.  The natural tones of the body, red breast feather of the Golden Pheasant, and understated wing, et voila …beautiful! Tied by a classic fly master… Scott Norris …one of […]

River Drifting

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MEET THE MAN BEHIND DRIFTING RIVERS in a McKenzie style drift boat, a handcrafted wooden boat that is legendary on the rivers of the Pacific Northwest. Greg Hatten, Owner at Wooden Boat Adventures, loves putting himself and his clients on the river. One of the best ways to discover the beauty of the Northwest is […]

Bucket List

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CHRISTMAS ISLAND ~ Kiritimati ~ is located approximately 1,200 miles south of Hawaii and is considered to be one of the world’s largest pristine atoll. Even today this unspoiled fishery is still a ‘top of list’ destination for many fly anglers. It was definitely a bucket list trip for me to pursue monster Bonefish, Giant […]

More Boat Skins

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ONE PENDLETON RIVER DRIFT BOAT with a selection of ROSI ART boat skins… something to whet your appetite… to get you thinking “Which Rosi art is perfect for my boat?”. This post builds on the initial announcement that Rosi Oldenburg and Richard Mayer are exploring which of Rosi’s angling art images work best on different […]

Drift Boat Skins by ROFA

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IS A ROSI ART DRIFT BOAT SKIN something you’d like on your drift boat to personalize your boat? If it is, then look no further… Rosi Oldenburg would LOVE to work with you to make your drift boat a stunning vision in the water and off! Richard Mayer and Rosi Oldenburg  are exploring the possibilities […]

Salmon Candy

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IAN’S SPECIAL ~ When I was first introduced to this fly in the early 90s I honestly didn’t think much of it. To me it seemed like just another attractor pattern to add to my growing list of flies. Twenty-six years later and several miles of pearl mylar tubing this fly has become a BC […]

Clouser Heaven

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BAITFISH ~ IMITATIONS FOR FLY PATTERNS should be slender in appearance. Dorsal in various shades of olive green to black will cover most patterns, with hues of purple, pink and blue not as common. Sides and bellies are iridescent, and often silvery in colour. Fly dressings will vary from 2 to 6 inches and will […]

Pacific Coast Squid

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ANGLERS HEAD WEST TO BC’S bountiful coastline for what can be spectacular saltwater action on the fly. The novice may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of available new fly patterns produced yearly. One of the most overlooked and underused patterns is the squid imitation. Squid flies have been proven to be highly productive in […]