Peace Joy + Love

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CHRISTMAS IS A SPECIAL TIME for all of us to celebrate the true nature of WHO we are… living, breathing spiritual beings bringing peace into the world by sharing joy and love. Special times deserve a pause in our usual activities to reflect on the gifts we have and how these have been or can […]

Summer Into Fall 2017

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ONE OF THE MANY BENEFITS an independent gets to enjoy is ‘calling it’ when work and play begin and end. For some these two realities are interchangeable, which makes it a lot more fun, more enjoyable! My soulmate and I have the pleasure of taking a substantial amount of time off in July and August, […]

Happy New Year!

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WHAT CAN ONE SAY when the year that is coming to a close was stellar… as was 2016! The past 12 months have seen change… some planned, some not. To embrace the changes that come into one’s life, one should always see every change as an opportunity that can deliver something even better. It is […]

Enough Already!

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INSTEAD OF TREATING THE GLOBAL VILLAGE with care and respect, those TLD registries who sell high volumes of domains to professional spammers and malware operators are aiding and abetting a plague of abuse on the Internet. It is undersigned’s opinion that those registries who pander to those individuals or organizations must be held accountable, perhaps […]

Catching Up With IS!

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BRINGING ONE AND ALL up-to-date with IS. In April 2016, the former incorporated company operated by Richard Mayer… Phoenix Studios Inc. …underwent an official name change to… IS Creative Inc., which is dba Inspired Spaces (IS). To reflect this change, the branding on the IS web site is now current… the content on our site […]

Paradise Lost Prototype

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THE LIMITED EDITION OF PARADISE LOST is now taking physical form as handcrafting the fine hardwood frame, detailing the lighting components and controls are underway. Consistent with the artistry of the coloured pencil original by Rosi Oldenburg, the frame, internal lighting and controls for the prototype will reflect her artistry, design and attention to detail […]

Paradise Lost

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PARADISE LOST WAS TRANSFORMED from a cherished photo that captured a memorable father-son moment to a work of art by Rosi Oldenburg, a fine artist who excels in the coloured pencil medium. While progressives were published on Facebook as the art for ‘Paradise Lost’ took form, this encapsulates the mastery of an artist’s passion for […]

Storytelling on Steller

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EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY… not in words, more so in the form of a subliminal message. An extraordinary image will transport one to another place and time. To quote Steller… “Everyone has a story to tell. Tell yours with photos, videos, and text.” I signed up a while back and have enjoyed the daily […]

Inspired to Live… Live to INSPIRE!

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INSPIRED SPACES IS ABOUT BEING INSPIRED TO LIVE and living to INSPIRE. The impact that this inspiration can and has on our lives is very broad and deep! Explore the IS Blog and the IS web site. The IS Blog will always be a ‘work in progress’… please check back on a regular basis for […]