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Seahorse © Richard Mayer

INSPIRED SPACES IS PLEASED to announce the inaugural launch of IS Digital Fine Arte Posters with the release of twenty-three images in a frameable poster format, featuring stunning imagery by Richard Mayer, CEO, Inspiration, IS Creative Inc.

'50 Something' by Richard James Mayer :: Inspired SpacesImages in this poster series include a mix of subject from marine to landscape, silky waterfalls both large and small, macros to abstracts, big bikes and other hot wheels ~ new and vintage ~ and more. Drawing on Richard’s extensive portfolio of digital images captured over many years, there will be something for everyone.

Two personal favourites of the IS CEO and it was tough for him to choose… Seahorse and 50 Something …the latter image was posted on Facebook as a challenge, to see if his friends would figure out the source image. Some were close, most were not even in the ballpark. If you’re interested in viewing the ‘original image‘, check it out!

Chasing the light is one of several passions Richard has, in addition to music and fly fishing. All of these have one thing in common…  his love of being creative, without limits!

Additional information will be released in the days ahead… size, cost, printing and framing options, etc. If you are interested in previewing the images featured in this inaugural release, please visit the Digital Fine Arte Posters in a photo album on Richard’s Facebook page.

Please revisit the IS web site OR watch the IS Blog for updates.

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For more information…

Richard Mayer, AScT
CEO, Inspiration

Inspired to Live. Live to INSPIRE! :: Inspired Spaces

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