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ONE HAS TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT the empowering nature of the Three Principles and how these essential elements can be engaged in the realm of education, regardless of subject covered and age of those learning and teaching.

The Three Principles… Mind, Consciousness and Thought at the Universal level …are the essence of who we are as living beings and are profoundly transformative when one grasps the true meaning of these Principles. It is through the Three Principles that we live life in the world of form, guided by a formless essence.

Let’s explore what this means in quantum terms…

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E = education, m = mindset and c = capacity… with mc terms raised to the infinite level.

This is founded on the fact that Mindthe essence of all that we know or experience – is innate, infinite; something that is within us from the moment we enter the physical world of form, to the moment we leave… and beyond!

Our Consciousnesslevel of awareness or understanding – is a gift that allows us to be cognizant of our state of mind, or mindset, thus our experiences in the realm of form as we flow along the illusory flux we call ‘time’.

Couple the above two elements with Thought the creative agent we use to direct us through life * – which serves to guide us along the appropriate pathways while learning takes place.

Young scientist :: Inspired SpacesTo express this in everyday terms… the degree of learning in the realm of education is directly related to the mindset of the individual and their capacity to learn, with the potential to result in the limitless acquisition of knowledge or skills. Teachers and students who engage in the act of education with an inspired state of mind will share an incredible journey in and out of the classroom.

Another important E that could be used in this quantum statement, as foundational to the ‘essence of education’, is engagement. Heightened levels of engagement by teachers and students during the formative years of learning and beyond will enhance the potential for inspired learning to occur and become the norm.

And as many of us will attest, the ‘classroom of life’ is one of the very best educational venues we have available to us. For it is through inspired teaching and learning, and one’s commitment to life-long learning ~ one building on K-12 and post-secondary education ~ that the world will be made a better place.

Inspired Spaces is encouraging ALL who are involved in the field of education to join in the journey, one full of uncovery to realizing the potency of learning in an inspired state.

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* Sydney Banks : The Missing Link ~ page 47

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