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Richard Mayer with Marika, and grandsons Ashton and Koen :: Inspired Spaces

Richard with Marika, grandsons Ashton and Koen

WHEN ONE IS READY, ONE IS READY and at this point in his life, it’s a case of Richard Mayer being ready. Richard with the support of Marika, his soulmate of 41+ years, and immediate family plus many collaborators in the realm of the Three Principles, is writing an eBook entitled… ESSE ~ Metaphors for Life. This is appreciation for being woken up many years ago, to one’s self and other like-minded people.

Once one wakes up and becomes aware of the true nature of our Essence ~ Universal Mind ~ and the Three Principles, it becomes your life. Sharing what you know is just one means of waking up other living beings to what can be described as a ‘reality’… more specifically… ‘your reality’, as each and every living being ~ human and animal ~ exists in a separate reality by way of the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, the spiritual trinity of Life.

To put this eBook into perspective, Richard along with Marika woke up in late 1975, becoming aware of an ordinary man… Sydney Banks …who had a profound, deep spiritual awakening himself, with his awakening forever changing his reality and, as a consequence, the reality of every living being on Mother Earth… forever!

ESSE ~ Metaphors for Life ELQ triptych :: Inspired Spaces

More details and an update to this page will be posted in the 3 Principles eZine on the IS web site… stay tuned!

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