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Sydney Banks :: Inspired SpacesSYDNEY BANKS HAD A PROFOUND SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE in the early 1970s that forever transformed his life and the lives of an ever-growing number of people around the world. He inspired people to ‘wake up’ and see life for what it truly is… a deep spiritual reality, one that exists in the formed and formless realms.

In this video… The Equalizer …Syd opens with “When you’re ready, you will find what you’re looking for.”  This inner awakening ~ to become aware of what one is ‘looking for’ ~ has the power to breathe new life into one’s understanding of who we are and how we experience life… moment-to-moment, from the inside out.

Sydney Banks  |  January 25th 1931 – May 25th 2009
His profound insight and lifelong dedication to relieving human suffering continues to have a far-reaching and long-lasting impact on those who were fortunate to have come to know Sydney Banks. His teachings are alive and well in the hearts and minds of many.


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Thank you Syd for waking me up… it changed my life!

Richard Mayer, AScT
CEO, Inspiration

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