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Tranquil Aura © Richard Mayer


Richard Mayer, CEO, Inspiration, Inspired SpacesTo get the ‘ball’ rolling, many of the images you will find on the IS web site are those conceived and produced by Richard Mayer, CEO, Inspiration, Inspired Spaces. Artists who are aligned with his mindset and the work they conceive, will be included as IS evolves over time.

Richard envisions a world whereby, he and the people he comes in contact with, are INSPIRED to LIVE… and ultimately, will LIVE to INSPIRE! For it is through sharing inspirational works, the world will be a better place… becoming an experience that WE live for, day-to-day, everyday. We have a free will and it is through this free will, that WE have a choice. Make IS… your choice!

Enjoy INSPIRATION, a portfolio of inspired works that includes like-minded artists!

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If you are interested in connecting with Richard on yourself and your work, and would like to contribute to the IS enterprise, please email him.

Horizontal rule 666666 1DS :: Inspired Spaces

Richard Mayer, AScT
CEO, Inspiration
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