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Editor avatar :: Inspired SpacesTHIS PAGE PROVIDES GUIDING PRINCIPLES for content creation by IS Contributors, to optimize images for publishing on the IS web site, approach and style to writing textual content, etc. The sample images included on this page are representative of the IS standard to be used when introducing a new inspirator… YOU! A self-portrait of yourself (left) is mandatory; resize 440 x 440 image in WordPress to a size that works well with the copy.

Treat this as an introductory page that describes you and what you’re passion is. Provide links here to your web site and/or Facebook page.

Include a brief compelling statement about your portfolio, followed by a triptych that illustrates the diversity of your work…

Sample 3 up portfolio image :: Inspired Spaces

My only ask… be inspired when you contribute content to IS …you’ll know when the time is right! As an IS Editor, you will be able to create pages and/or posts to share on the IS Blog, as well as comment on blog posts.

I look forward to enjoying our journey… together!

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If you have questions…

Richard Mayer, AScT
CEO, Inspiration

Inspired to Live. Live to INSPIRE! :: Inspired Spaces

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