Green Highlander classic fly by Chris Wesson :: Inspired Spaces

Green Highlander © Chris Wesson

Wild Alaskan coho :: Inspired SpacesTHE ART & SCIENCE OF FLY FISHING covers a very broad array of subjects and activities that are specific to the pursuit of ‘angling by the fly’. Regardless of fish species being angled for; the rods, reels, lines and flies used; waters fished; changing seasons; etc., it’s likely the individual’s reason for wetting a line/fly… they love the simple pleasure of being ‘out there’!

To launch this portfolio, Inspired Spaces is featuring the artistry of Bob Erickson, Chris Wesson and Kevin Mayer… first up is Bob Erickson. Pages for Chris and Kevin to follow.

Please revisit the IS web site over time as INSPIRATION expands to include a diverse mix of fly fishers who express their creativity in many, many different mediums and forms as it pertains to the art and sport of fly fishing.

Enjoy your explorations of… Fly Fishing in INSPIRATION

Horizontal rule 666666 1DS :: Inspired Spaces

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Richard Mayer, AScT
CEO, Inspiration

Inspired to Live. Live to INSPIRE! :: Inspired Spaces

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