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The Macintyre © Adrian Cortes

Adrian Cortes threading a fly :: Inspired SpacesANGLING HAS ALWAYS BEEN a significant part of my life. Chasing fish for the challenge seems to be part of my DNA. A few years back, the challenge morphed into tying vintage Atlantic Salmon patterns without a vise. For me, the journey of tying in hand the exquisite patterns from the golden age of fly tying and ultimately landing an anadromous fish on such a pattern was the culmination of angling joy.

I attempt to tie my flies as close to the old patterns as possible. While not always achievable due to lack of some exotic materials, my flies still benefit from as good a component as I can attain. Not only are flies enhanced from good materials, but to know that I am offering the fish the best that I can accomplish goes a long way to establishing the enjoyment I find on the river.

As a fisher’s journey continues, I discover many challenges to intrigue my curiosity on the river and on the hooks… including dry fly steelhead. Yet, to try to angle the best way possible, to be a steward of the outdoors, and to be a help to others are thoughts I embrace and promote as best I can.

Adrian Cortes, master classic fly tyer :: Inspired Spaces

If perchance we meet, you’ll most likely find me on the river swinging a dry line for surface steelhead with a bamboo rod. But until then, follow my exploits on Instagram.

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