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Dennis Gamboa :: Inspired SpacesI STARTED FLY FISHING IN MY LATE 20s and quickly developed an addiction, enveloping myself completely into the sport. I enjoy spending time in the wilds of British Columbia and quickly realized that I needed more flies. So I took a class at one of my local fly shops and practiced hard for three years, which led me to commercial tying. It was pretty consuming, yet I managed to learn every style along with tracking the growing trends of the fly tying industry.

I appreciate all of the fly tying styles… speys, dees and classics, and practice when time permits, but my specialty is saltwater flies. I learned so much that teaching became second nature and sharing the variety of techniques I learned along the way with fellow tyers only seemed to fuel my passion further, to design and create.

I’ve been commercial tying for over 20 years and the last 5 years of The Fly Box business has seen some dramatic changes in the fly tying industry. There’s probably nothing I won’t try or redress a different way. Each year I seem to add more to my growing collection of fly patterns to commercially tie, but hey you know what they say… “Do what you love… love what you do…!”

When I’m not cranking out flies on my Regal vice, you’ll find me fly fishing on my stand up paddleboard.

Dennis Gamboa with Bonefish ~ Baitfish Fly ~ Eyed Baitfish Flies :: Inspired Spaces

It’s definitely a honour to be part of the Partridge and Lagartun families.

Horizontal rule 666666 1DS :: Inspired Spaces

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Inspired to Live. Live to INSPIRE! :: Inspired Spaces

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