'El Gusano Spey Worm' by Dennis Gamboa :: Inspired Spaces

El Gusano Spey © Dennis Gamboa

Gotcha materials by Dennis Gamboa :: Inspired Spaces

Lagartun Tube Prepping

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, tying flies wasn’t always as easy for me as it is today. When I was first introduced to it by M&Y Fly Shop I was a late bloomer. I took the fundamentals course 3 times from 3 different teachers inside of two years before I ‘got it’. Only after 3 years of practicing and tying all sorts of flies did Brad Michael himself deem my fly work ready for the public. My first order was ‘halfbacks‘!  I tied 100s of them my first year. What caught Brad’s attention was that I ribbed this simple fly with fine wire. At that time the original recipe for the halfback didn’t even have a rib. It was the following year they were commercially produced offshore with wire. With his guidance I went on to do simple steel head patterns… comets, skunks and lanterns. When I started tying for Ruddick’s Fly Shop my fly work evolved. I was inspired by Malcolm Ruddick‘s love for saltwater fly tying, along with Shawn Bennett and Lise Peters of Moonlight Flies, who introduced the epoxy trend to the West Coast in the mid 90s.

'The Worm' by Dennis Gamboa :: Inspired Spaces

Trenza Gusano ~ Braid Worm 

I started fly fishing in my late 20s and quickly developed a passion for the sport. I love spending time in the wilds of British Columbia. I also quickly realized that I needed to learn how to tie my own flies. The endless opportunities to customize my own flies, as well as the calm focus that great tying requires, is my addiction of choice. Being in BC, I have had the honor of being taught by some of the most respected people in our community including Harold Lohr of Redel Sports, and Brian Chan and Philip Rowley, leaders when it comes to entomology and trout patterns for our BC lakes. My saltwater fly work is greatly influenced by Bob Clouser, Lefty Kreh, Bob Popovics, Bob Vererka, Dick Brown and Drew Chicone, just to name a few.

Below is a list of some of my favorite patterns and recipes. Influenced and inspired by the world’s greatest tiers, all are available commercially from my store The Fly Box. These are variations and updated versions of productive patterns, while others are original patterns I’ve created from my experience fishing and tying freshwater and saltwater flies. I am constantly creating new patterns and improving on current designs.  Custom flies orders are always welcome.

Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram, or stop by a local event. Constant inspiration comes from the worldwide fly tying community and years on my tying bench.

THE FLY BOX Favoured Patterns…

Saltwater Flies
CXI Gotcha
Gotcha Clones
Lagartun Gotcha
Spawning Gotcha

Borski Slider
Vereka Mantis
Catface Clouser
Coho Blue Clouser
Lagartun Clouser
Shimmer Clouser
Triggerfish Clouser
Tropical Clouser

Greg's Flat Fly
Little Calamari
The Glow Fly
Weigh Wester/Smiley

Diving Mullet
Lagartun GT
Lagartun Spoonfish
Borden's Saltwater Special
Catface Streamer
Ian's Special
Jiggy Fly
Snow Runner
Surf Candy
The Wonderfly

Freshwater Flies
Balanced Leech
Dazzle Leech
Egg & Eye
El Gusano Spey Worm
Idaho Nymph
Kat's Killer
Krystal Agravator
Predator GP
Squamish Poacher
The Gladiator
The Prawnoline
Tom Thumb
Trenza Gusano Braid Worm

Destination Flies
Reef Bugs
Spam & Eggs
Baja Reef Bug
CXI Gotcha
Ghost Shrimp
Gotcha Clones
Greg's Flat Fly

Lagartun GT
The Worm
UV Worm

Vererka Mantis
Wabnitz Worm

BC Saltwater Flies
Baby Deceiver
Bordon's Saltwater Special
California Neil
Catface Streamer
Christmas Tree
Coho Blue Clouser
Ian's Special
Lagartun Clouser
Little Calamari
Mini Clouser
Shimmer Clouser
The Jiggy Fly
The Wonderfly
Tofino Squid
Weigh Wester/Smiley

BC Freshwater Flies
Balanced Leech
Carey Special
Dazzle Leech
El Gusano Spey
Idaho Nymph
Kat's Killer
Krystal Agravator
New Age Spratley
Partridge Nymph
The Prawonline
The Predator GP
Tom Thumb
Trenza Gusano~ Braid Worm

The key to being a good tyer is to practisetie patterns that challenge you, even the ones you wouldn’t consider trying or hate doing. There are no bad tyers, just poor technique.

Flies are available at these BC fly shops

For custom orders, fly patterns or tying classes, please contact…

Dennis Gamboa
Partridge PRO-Team
Lagartun PRO-Staff
The Fly Box

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