'Crusher Legs' by Dennis Gamboa :: Inspired Spaces

Crusher legs and bonefish flies © Dennis Gamboa

Dennis Gamboa with Monsta Bone :: Inspired SpacesRUBBER LEGS HAVE BEEN AROUND for as long as I can remember, yet recently the variety and type available has flooded the market.  Coloured tips, speckled, clear and now, the barring craze. Hareline, Wapsi, Hedron and Rainy’s who is better? Colours range across the spectrum and generally only in two sizes, regular and nymph. Sili Legs, Loco Legs, Round Legs and Wiggle Legs all compete to land on the tyer’s bench.

When I saw Chicone’s Crusher Legs in a fly shop, I said to myself more sili legs! On closer examination I noticed these were much finer, more translucent and much more subtle in colour. Immediately I knew these would be great on spooky fish… bones!

My intuitive impressions were confirmed when speaking with the man behind redesigning rubber legs, Drew Chicone, Author, Fly Designer, Tying Instructor and Owner of www.saltyflytying.com

Mr. Chicone shared his reasons for developing his own line of rubber legs, Chicone’s Crusher Legs, with Marcos Vergara of Hareline. He didn’t like any of the rubber legs they carried.  “I wanted something with more range without the speckle flakes that were so dominant on rubber legs.” After working long and hard with Hareline, his own line was created.  Along with being finer, with more subtle colour variations, his Chicone’s Crusher Legs are not buoyant!

It really depends on the rubber legs, the size of the bead chain and the size or wire of the hook. The important thing is that if you add too many regular cut rubber legs to a small, lightly weighted bonefish fly, it will flip over and float!”  This can be a problem when fishing in shallow depths Additionally, the translucency is more realistic and won’t spook your fish while the new sizing allows for more flexibility in tying and creating new flies.

He is Florida’s saltwater tying guru! You know you are talking with true commercial tyer when they are cranking out crabs during a phone conversation. He is absolutely someone who I learn, follow and draw inspiration from. He has written fly tying books on permit, snook, redfish and bones.  He is an influencer in the fly tying community; for instance, after his most recent book Feather Brain was published, yak-hair became scarce and suddenly expensive! We chuckled quietly as we commiserated about this mutual problem since the book’s publication in 2013. I do extensive commercial tying in BC with yak-hair for streamers and buck tails, and it is still expensive with a scarcity of certain colours.

Having spent a couple of weeks with this new stock, I found a unique synergy when the legs were dressed with natural furs like arctic fox, fin racoon and coyote body fur.

The Chicone’s Crusher Legs are available in 8 colours and 3 sizes… wide, regular and micro. The wide legs can be used on much larger patterns like Pike, Musky or any apex predator. It’s other function is that it can be used to wrap around hooks to make shrimp bodies or casings. I’ve updated several recipes with these new legs.

I couldn’t resist some new creations as well. See below for the recipes…

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Gotcha Clone'Gotcha Clones' by Dennis Gamboa :: Inspired Spaces

  • Hook: Partridge Sea Prince sizes 2 – 8
  • Thread: Danville’s 6/0 tan or pink thread or ultra thread equivalent
  • Tail: Flat pearl/diamond braid or DNA pearl flash
  • Body: Lagartun flatbraid/pearl, tan, pink or root beer
  • Eyes: Silver or gold hour glass eyes
  • Wing: Tan Krystal Flash under tan craft fur or sand select fur
  • Legs: Chicone’s Crusher Legs – micro/clear/brown, ‘V’ out at head
  • Finish: Epoxy or UV resin

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Trigger Fish Clouser'Crusher Legs' by Dennis Gamboa :: Inspired Spaces

  • Hook: Partridge Sea Prince 1/0 – 6 or Attitude Streamer 1/0-2
  • Thread: Danville’s 6/0 tan or pink thread or ultra thread equivalent colour to suit
  • Tail: Coyote or Bucktail colour to suit and crusher legs colour to suit
  • Body: Lagartun flatbraid/pearl, tan or colour to suit
  • Eyes: Hareline double pupil eyes
  • Wing: Tan Krystal Flash under tan coyote or  bucktail and Chicone’s Crusher Legs ‘V’ out from head
  • Finish: Epoxy or UV resin

This hybrid fly served me well when I was in CI, great on Triggers that were just hovering in deeper water.

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Lagartun Foxy Charlie'Foxy Charlie' by Dennis Gamboa :: Inspired Spaces

  • Hook: Partridge Sea Prince size 2 – 10
  • Thread: Monofilament or colour to suit
  • Body: Lagartun Flatbraid – pearl, orange or colour to suit
  • Eyes: I-Balz, bead chain or hour glass eyes
  • Wing: Tan Krystal Flash under, tan or white fox fur, or fin raccoon
  • Legs: Chicone’s Crusher Legs – micro/colour to suit, ‘V’ out at head
  • Finish: Epoxy or UV resin

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Look for Mr. Chicone’s new book on Baby Tarpon Flies.

Drew Chicone
Phone: 239.898.1236 | Instagram/Skype: drchicone | Web: www.saltyflytying.comwww.stripstrikeuniversity.com
Email: drew@saltyflytying.com

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