'Open a can of Wabnitz Worms' by Dennis Gamboa :: Inspired Spaces

Open a Can of Wabnitz Worms © Dennis Gamboa

'Monsta Bone on Gotcha Fly' by Dennis Gamboa :: Inspired Spaces

Dennis with monsta bone

JUST OPENED A CAN OF WABNITZ WORMS… not to be confused with the worm in a Tequila bottle, but more specifically the Wabnitz Worm, originated by George Hammer, aptly named when he met a marine scientist researching the tropical aquarium fish trade during a visit to Christmas Island.

Even though Dr. Colette Wabnitz, who currently resides in Vancouver, BC, was unable to identify the bonefish’s primary food source due to the lack of documented invertebrates in the lagoon, over drinks the ‘Wabnitz Worm’ was born. The original 2014 recipe was shortly redressed by George’s long time mate Darren Asquith of Untamed Flies & Tackle.

George comments… “Fish this fly slowly as either a long slow strip or short 2 inch jerks or a combination of both. And… hang on!”

A multi-purpose fly, in March 2016 I found the UV worm and Wabnitz most effective for morning bonefish, especially along on the backside of the lagoon, on the shorelines of Cat Island while advice from the the fly guys down under is this also works in the afternoon post high sun. My redesign was  inspired by Darren’s version of the Wabnitz.

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Wabnitz Worm ~ redress by Dennis Gamboa'The Worm' by Dennis Gamboa :: Inspired Spaces

  • Hook: Partridge Sea Prince 6 – 10 or saltwater equivalent
  • Thread: Danvilles 6/0 Uni or Ultra
  • Tail: Orange or pink Krystal flash
  • Body: Lateral scale-large
  • Eyes: Small hour glass eyes /gold or  lead eyes
  • Swing: Diamond core braid in pearl, tan or red or colour to suit micro chenilles
  • Head: UV Deer creek resin or epoxy

Darren Asquith, is an IFFF Certified Casting Instructor, partner and fly fishing guide of Untamed Flies & Tackle, a specialist fly fishing outfitter, supplying quality gear for Australia, New Zealand and Christmas Island. They offer custom fly tying services and their bonefish flies have become popular with fly fishers from all over the world. Their retail store is located at 45 Bridge Street East in Benalla, VIC, Australia.

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UV Worm'UV Worm' by Dennis Gamboa :: Inspired Spaces

  • Hook:  Partridge Sea Prince 6 – 8 or saltwater equivalent
  • Thread: Clear mono thread
  • Tail: White or tan marabou/strung,  with 3 strands ‘V’ out Krystal flash tan or pearl
  • Body: Lagartun Flat Braid- Tan or pearl microbraid
  • Eyes/Weight: Small or black hour glass eyes
  • Finish: UV resin or 2 ton epoxy

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Trenza Gusano or Braid Worm'The Worm' by Dennis Gamboa :: Inspired Spaces

  • Hook: Partridge Grub/Shrimp Down Eye size 12 – 8
  • Thread: Clear mono or colour to suit
  • Body: UV mirage flash, diamond core braid, colour to suit
  • Bead: Red bead or gold (optional)
  • Body Wrap: Ostrich herl, colour to suit (optional)

My updated version on the very popular fly the San Juan, great for targeting, Trout, Steelhead and other freshwater species.

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The best thing about the fly tying community is the constant interchange of ideas. Inspiration comes from a variety sources, people, books or the vast web. Never stop exploring… Fish, Tie, Eat, Repeat!

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