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March Brown Soft Hackle © Nicole March

Nicole March :: Inspired SpacesI HAVE BEEN FISHING SINCE THE AGE OF 3 and grew up fishing on the lakes in upstate and western New York. While I’ve always had a love for being on the water, I didn’t dive into the art of fly tying until much later when I stumbled upon a video of someone spinning deer hair to make a Dahlberg Diver and I couldn’t look away. After grabbing a fly tying kit, a stack of books, and burning through all the material in one afternoon, I set out on my quest for more knowledge. I may have a soft spot for tying and fishing soft hackles and streamers, but don’t limit myself to becoming an expert on any one subject. For me, it’s more about becoming a well-rounded fly tyer and fly fisher, so as to adapt to different conditions on the water.

A few years ago I wanted to do more to help others who were new to tying and fishing, and signed up with the local Project Healing Waters chapter. Project Healing Waters quickly became something that myself, as well as other participants in the group, look forward to with every new meeting and outing. I try to come up with fun and informative lessons when teaching, and enjoy seeing the enthusiasm of this group, especially when what was taught in class, is  being utilized on the water during a trip.

Whether it’s a fly tying demonstration or TU presentation I’m giving, I enjoy the interactions, history and discussions, and always encourage as many questions as possible. I love knowing this is a never-ending learning experience, and continue to share and help others. When someone tells me they are finally comfortable asking questions they had once been afraid to ask, thinking they would be laughed at or considered a ‘newbie’ or ‘beginner’, it reminds me why I enjoy what I do, and why I continue to teach.

I like to tell anyone starting out… “Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We all began as beginners. I still ask questions, I love to learn, nothing to be ashamed of. There is a wealth of knowledge out there between the books, videos, seminars, organizations, tying shows and the many, many like-minded people who enjoy teaching… take advantage of it. Of course there will be days when you don’t catch a fish, except that many of us aren’t out there only for the fish; we are out there for ourselves, for the peace and quiet, and for the learning experience. But if you catch a few trout in an afternoon? Then great! If you don’t? Well, then it looks like you were just taught a lesson on what doesn’t work. Either way, you will never stop learning, there is always room for improvement and, for me, it’s what makes this so exciting.”

Nicole March ~ CDC Articulated Emerger ~ Wet Soft Hackle Nymph :: Inspired Spaces

I work for plastic surgeons throughout the New York State area as a Tattooist who specializes in pigmentation reconstruction to camouflage scars on breast and skin cancer survivors. I also work as the Event Specialist for the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum, and a contributor to Dette Trout Flies tying tutorials. I am currently the Assistant Project Lead for PHWFF in New City, NY,  an active member of the Catskill Fly Tyers’ Guild, a Regal Vise pro staff member, and created the colouring and activity book for the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum called… It’s All About Fly Fishing.

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Nicole March
Lagartun PRO-Staff
Assistant Project Lead
Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing
V.A. New City, NY

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