Orange Heron Spey by Ryan White :: Inspired Spaces

Orange Heron Spey © Ryan White

Ryan White :: Inspired SpacesAS OWNER/OPERATOR OF WHITE’S GUIDING COMPANY, based on Vancouver Island, BC, I offer conservation-minded fly fishing for steelhead, salmon and trout. I spend the summer guiding for Kimsquit Bay Lodge on the lower dean for salmon and steelhead. Winter and spring are spent guiding the Island, tying flies and building custom bamboo single- and double-handed fly rods. I also provide tying and casting lessons for various fly fishing organizations mainly Cumberland Fly Shop. It’s also when I get to spend much needed quality time with my wonderful wife and three lovely daughters.

Fly tying is a passion for me… I tie and fish traditional steelhead and salmon patterns for the most part. Of course lots of dries for steelhead too. I’ve been tying since 1998 and have enjoyed the ride immensely. I try to use natural materials as much as possible for all my flies. Syd Glasso and Harry Lemire are the two tyers who have had the most influence in my own tying. Glasso’s heron series of flies are my ‘go to’ for wets and Lemire’s Thompson river caddis and grease liner patterns are fished hitched for surface and in the film work.

I want my clients to have the option of fishing something besides the usual flies of today. It pleases me to share in the moment of a client’s success when they hook their first steelhead on a greased lined classic or a dry fly! It’s truly a magical moment in one’s steelhead career.

For the most part I fish a double-handed fly rod. I do, however, grab the single-hander for trout and small coastal steelhead work. I enjoy casting… whether it’s shooting heads or longer lines. Dry line for the most part and my rods of choice are CF Burkheimer as they are the perfect balance between feel and power with beautiful aesthetics. I really enjoy working on casting with my clients. It’s not all about the fish… I would like my clients to leave as more confident and skillful casters.

Ryan White with steelhead ~ Tied in Hand Spey Flies ~ Steelhead Freestyle :: Inspired Spaces

You can contact me for flies or guiding at or follow WhitesGuidingCompany on Instagram.

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