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I STARTED TYING FLIES IN 2008, the same time I started fly fishing. Initially, fly tying for me was simply a part of the sport, something to pass the time when I was unable to get on the river. However, the more I read about fly tying, the more I learned about fly fishing, so naturally, I explored it further.

The Trout flies I started to tie made way to Pacific salmon flies, which in turn made way to steelhead flies. Finally, in 2012, I got my first look into the world of classic Atlantic salmon flies. Initially overwhelmed by the complexity of these flies, I was reluctant to try my hand at them. Convinced by a friend to give them a try, I picked up the required materials and made the plunge. Instantly I was enthralled! The challenge of tying these flies, the feeling of accomplishment once one was complete, the connection to the past with an incredible history of our hobby, I was hooked. From that moment, it has been an endless search for knowledge, constant reading, questioning, subjecting my work to endless critiques. All with the intention of being able to consistently reproduce the beautiful work produced by the fly tiers of the Victorian era.

Tying classic Atlantic salmon flies has been an adventure. The hard work is very rewarding, even when it is extremely frustrating. I enjoy taking the time to research a pattern, the materials, their intended use and application. All of this work pays off when, at the exact right time, you tie the fly on to the end of your line, make the cast, and watch as the line goes tight and the reel screams.

Catching fish is not about numbers… it’s about the experience …and I look for every opportunity to enhance that experience, to make each moment all that more memorable. Fly tying, in particular classic Atlantic fly tying, allows me to enhance that experience to new heights.

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