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Exotics © Richard Mayer

Richard Mayer, CEO, Inspiration ~ Inspired SpacesA CREATIVE MIND AND EYE SEES SOMETHING quite different in the ordinary, and the above image… EXOTICS …serves to illustrate this statement. Richard was fascinated by a beautiful collection of bull kelp on the Eve River beach that was backlit by a setting sun. The orange-yellow blades were positively radiant, energized by the sunlight… definitely a photographic moment to capture.

What was not so apparent until Richard returned home from a memorable fly fishing trip with a long-time friend, was the image-within-an-image that he saw in his mind’s eye.

A pair of feeding exotic fish came into view, while somewhat hidden, distinctly there. Sharing this keeper with friends and fellow photographers, the question was asked… “What do you see in this image?” Many were challenged to connect the name ‘Exotics’ with the fish in the photo.

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Paradise Lost … Enchanted … Shooting for the Sun © Richard Mayer

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