All the King's Men by Alison Irwin :: Inspired Spaces

All the King’s Men © Alison Irwin

Milton & Jean Mayer 70th Anniversary Card by Alison Irwin :: Inspired SpacesTHE ART & SCIENCE OF WEAVING dates back to the beginning of time when mankind had a need and envisioned the solution… weaving fibers to produce fabric or cloth to create articles of clothing to serve a variety of purposes. One only has to look back, way back, to see inspired minds at work using fibers to produce fabrics that would meet day-to-day needs, as well as provide social or societal recognition!

To launch this portfolio, Inspired Spaces will be featuring the artistry of Terri Bibby, a master weaver and artist, and friend of Alison Irwin, Richard’s sister ~ a long-time inspirator of the IS CEO, Inspiration, Richard Mayer. One could say “It’s built into their DNA!”.

Please revisit the IS web site over time as INSPIRATION expands to include more weavers and other artisans who love the art of intertwining fibers.

Enjoy your explorations of… Weaving in INSPIRATION

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Richard Mayer, AScT
CEO, Inspiration

Inspired to Live. Live to INSPIRE! :: Inspired Spaces

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