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THE IS SHOPPE IS CURRENTLY BEING DEVELOPED and will be launched when the online store is ready. Exciting times are coming where you and yours will be able to purchase inspirational ‘stuff’, be it form or formless!

Setting up this means is something that has been on Richard’s mind for a while, but he did not have to ‘think about it’. The insight with respect to IS was clear and simple, providing oversight to move the IS enterprise forward. One aspect that came to mind… IS Private Label …a very broad offering of products and services that would bear the IS brand.

Steadily making good progress with the IS Shoppe… the addition of IS contributors or collaborators will do much to make IS what it is… a source of inspiration, regardless of what form the object of inspiration takes!

Watch for further announcements on the IS Blog when IS Shoppe is officially launched!

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If you have an inspirational product or service to complement the IS lineup, please contact…

Richard Mayer, AScT
CEO, Inspiration

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