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Rosi Oldenburg Fine Art | New York, NY :: Inspired SpacesONE PENDLETON RIVER DRIFT BOAT with a selection of ROSI ART boat skins… something to whet your appetite… to get you thinking “Which Rosi art is perfect for my boat?”. This post builds on the initial announcement that Rosi Oldenburg and Richard Mayer are exploring which of Rosi’s angling art images work best on different boats.

Different makes and models of river drift boats carrying an artful skin are pending. If you’re interested, please email Rosi to let her know which of the Rosi Oldenburg Angling Art would be perfect for your boat!

For the original post, visit… Drift Boat Skins by ROFA

Horizontal rule 666666 1DS :: Inspired Spaces

For more info…

Richard Mayer, AScT
CEO, Inspiration
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