TIMING HAS A LOT TO DO with ‘nailing it’ and this comes with no exceptions. It applies to IS, ourselves as individuals and collectively, as it applies to everything in life… as WE know it!

Richard Mayer, CEO, Inspiration, Inspired SpacesRichard Mayer, CEO, Inspiration, Inspired Spaces, is spreading his wings and getting ready to fly. By ‘fly’, we mean doing what he LOVES doing, everyday, day-in and day-out! Acting on opportunity is one of his specialties, as he has the innate vision to see something extraordinary in the ordinary. This is evident in the many photos taken by Richard in his day-to-day of anything that catches his inner eye.

  • As our CEO of Inspiration, his job is to inspire people… nothing more, nothing less.
  • This inspiration can take many forms and appear as a positive result, producing impact for a diverse mix of people who are also pursuing their dream.
  • For Richard, his dream is breathing life into ‘being creative’, a gift he was given.
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