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Greg Hatten in McKenzie drift boat with clients :: Inspired Spaces

Greg Hatten with clients running white water in a McKenzie drift boat | photo © Lillian Howard

Greg Hatten :: Inspired SpacesMEET THE MAN BEHIND DRIFTING RIVERS in a McKenzie style drift boat, a handcrafted wooden boat that is legendary on the rivers of the Pacific Northwest. Greg Hatten, Owner at Wooden Boat Adventures, loves putting himself and his clients on the river.

One of the best ways to discover the beauty of the Northwest is to run the rivers in a drift boat made of wood. Whether pursuing fish on the fly or just ‘drifting’ the river with a glass of wine on a soft Oregon evening, your experience will be richer in a handcrafted wooden boat with Greg at the oars. His love of running rivers is pure and simple… his trips are as unique and authentic as the rivers he runs and the fish he chases with clients.

It was by ‘accident’ that Greg and Richard Mayer became acquainted; one could say these two outdoor enthusiasts were destined to connect at some point on somewhat parallel pathways. Richard was exploring the possibilities of drift boat wraps with Rosi Oldenburg and, when searching Google images for suitable visuals with which to mock up Rosi’s angling art on a river drift boat, the above feature image was discovered… perfect to explore creative concepts and ideas.

Images of Rosi’s art were selected and an animated visual was included in a post on the IS Blog… More Boat Skins …with this post being shared on Facebook. It was brought to Richard’s attention by a Facebook friend of his, that the man in the visual was Greg Hatten, and it would be a courtesy to connect with him to seek permission to publish this image of Greg with clients running a stretch of white water. A Facebook friend request was made, with Greg accepting and an exchange followed with Richard offering to share Greg’s love of drifting rivers in a handcrafted wooden boat via the IS web site.

During this brief chat, Greg mentioned he was touring National Parks in his wooden boats and writing about it for the 100th Anniversary of the National Parks. For more info on Greg’s tours, visit his blog site… www.findyourparkinawoodenboat.com

Thanks Greg for being willing to go the distance… may your drifts always be an inspiring and safe adventure!

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